Goodbye 2017.

  I’ve decided to write a blog about Twitter and other social sites but mostly Twitter because what’s gone down on the Twitter TL this year has made me laugh and made me scream literally, the clap backs I’ve seen some people receive its made me grip my non-existent chest in agony, I’m that person that will just scroll and scroll till I find the root of the argument or sometimes I’ll make a quick two’s two comments then dip out again and say in my head “That’s your problem” THE WHOLE SAGA ‘Come collect your man Whitney’ ‘Sayphilzki’ (Clothing … Continue reading Goodbye 2017.

Broken Families.

Within what I write here I will be telling a story about parts of my life, which deeply affected me as a person but it has made me so much stronger as time goes by. No one person that came from a broken family is the same. A broken family doesn’t just mean divorce, it could be a death, abuse or even neglect. With me, it was divorce and neglect, my parents separated when I was just 5 years old, sometimes I wish they was together longer but as I grew up I knew it wasn’t healthy. I still remember … Continue reading Broken Families.